2017-2018 Staff

Elaine Fraser
Kerry Anne Patterson
Administrative Assistant
Anne Presz-Lafreniere
Daycare Coordinator
Sophie Daoust
Suzanne Dupere
Cycle One
Anouk Bienvenu
Grade 1
Marie Josée LeVasseur
Grade 1
Valerie Barbet
Grade 2
Melissa Cabral
Grade 2
Cycle Two
Kristen Buzzell
Grade 3
(shared w/Jessica D'Antoni)
Jessica D'Antoni
Grade 3
(shared w/Kristen Buzzell)
Sandra Mellon
Grade 3
Gisele Lafleur
Grade 4
Mirella Pedicelli
Grade 4
Cycle Three
Roxanne Boulos
Grade 5
Michele St. Amour
Grade 5
Kris Pichovich
Grade 6
Ghada Youness
Grade 6


Brittany Reisler
Talia Shlay
Jeff Murray
Physical Education
Karen Bolger
Physical Education
Venel Sanon
Cheryl Sevack


Additional Support
Paraskevi (Vivi) Engarhos
Michelle Zeviar
Speech and Language Pathologist
Patricia Aldred
Community and Spiritual Animator
Maria Felix


Integration Aides
Kellie Chaif
Myriam Cohen
Chad Dixon​
Melinda Hastings
Marlene Kashbara
Ryan Langton


Support Staff

Wendy Corner



FSSTT Support
Jason Duke
Cat Tull

The Family and School Support and Treatment Team (FSSTT) is part of the Student Services Department of the Lester B. Pearson School Board. Members of this team provide support to schools for the students who experience difficulty in school, because of emotional and or behavioural challenges. Team members are also available to provide support for the families of these children. As members of the schools resource teams, our members assist in the development and implementation of plans for interventions to meet the needs of these students.

Here at Sunshine, there are two FSSTT personnel assigned to our school. Jason Duke is the social work tech assigned to the school and works with our students, teachers and Administration every day. Cat Tull is part of the team as well and comes to Sunshine one day a week to attend our resource meetings and to assist Jason as required.

For more info, access to more specific information on the FSSTT can be found on their website.


Daycare Educators
Cindy Alteen Assimina Filipopoulos
Christiane Gouzopoulos Mardie King
Judy Kut Dianna Murphy
Debbie Poirier Adelia Viera


Lunch Supervisors
Karen Barsetti Dania Debellis
Maddalena de Pede Marjorie Goldstein
Steven Hynes Jay Khan
Glory Sarazin Pamela Tsekeris


Jean Yves Lambert Robert Redburn