Governing Board

A school Governing Board is an administrative committee comprised of both staff and parent representatives. Its underlying mission is to help meet the needs of all students. Governing Boards have been granted powers and functions via the Quebec Education Act.

The composition of the Governing Board includes at least four parent reps, at least four school staff reps (of whom half are teachers), one daycare staff representative, and two community representatives (optional). 

All members are elected by their peers, except the community representatives, who are appointed by the Governing Board members. All members are entitled to make proposals and to vote, except the community representatives, who are not entitled to vote. The principal takes part in Governing Board meetings but is not entitled to vote.  

The governing board must also be consulted by the school board and may advise the board on any issue likely to facilitate the operation of the school and to improve the services provided by the school board.

2021-2022 Members

Parent Representatives Staff Representatives
Anthony Benzo Richard Aisenthal
Melissa Codina-Lucia Sheri Carlson
Rishi Kumar Michele Delaunay‚Äč
Leah Lobaton
Kris Pichovich
Kenton Lowe Alex Smith
Artemis Patsourakis Joey Stallone
Elaine Fraser


Malik Shaheed



Minutes 2021-2022

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  April 28, 2022
  March 17, 2022
  January 27, 2022
  December 9, 2021
  October 28, 2021
  September 14, 2021